Diaper Bag Essentials For Every New Mom

Perhaps the most overwhelming moment in any new moms life after baby arrives is that first trip out of the house. Whether she is heading to the doctor’s office, the grocery store, or even out to lunch for the first time, she’ll need to know how to pack a diaper bag. For those moms who like to be overly-prepared, there might be a temptation to pack too many baby items, making the diaper bag heavy and cumbersome. Other moms may not bring enough supplies.

This guide will help new moms pack just the right amount of essentials for a successful outing with baby!

Clean Baby Clothes

Between diaper explosions, spit ups, and drool attacks, babies go through many outfits in any given day. Make sure to pack some basic baby essentials like bodysuits, knit pants, or pajamas (if heading out in the evening) in case one of those unexpected moments happen and baby needs a full outfit change. Check which outfits you have in your bag before each outing to make sure they are the right size and that they coordinate. Purchasing mix and match items together will help keep baby from clashing.

Extra socks are always a good idea to have in the diaper bag…especially when baby is old enough to grab them off their feet! Have a couple of knit hats packed in the bag as well in case baby gets cold.

Pro tip: All well-stocked diaper bags include a few bibs and burp cloths!

Head-to-toe newborn and baby clothing bundles sets to pack in your diaper bag

Baby Blankets

Carry two swaddle blankets in your diaper bag. One can be used to put in between baby and any potentially dirty surfaces for playing or for diaper changes. The other should be kept clean. The clean blanket can be used to cover baby in case of bad weather or shield from the glaring sun, especially if baby falls asleep. A clean blanket will also come in handy if baby needs to nurse on the go, and you prefer to use a cover.

Diapers & Wipes

New babies soil their diapers… A LOT. Make sure to pack several disposable (or cloth) diapers and a large pack of wipes.

Pro tip: Wipes are also good for wiping down public changing tables and high chairs.

Toss a couple of waterproof bags in the diaper bag as well; you’ll use these for dirty diapers and any soiled clothing. If you use cloth diapers, make sure to have some extra liners and covers, as well as your wet bag for bringing home the dirty diapers.

Other Supplies

Other miscellaneous items to pack in a diaper bag include pacifiers, formula, fresh water, and bottles if baby is formula fed. When baby is old enough, some small snacks such as cereal or teething biscuits are essentials! For toddlers, a first aid kit with bandages and antibiotic ointment is also a good idea in case of minor scrapes.

While this list seems overwhelming, remember that most of these items are very small and take up little room. Having your diaper bag packed and ready before heading out of the house means you won’t be caught off guard by anything unexpected. With a little planning, an outing with baby will be an enjoyable and stress-free experience!

February 12, 2019
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Full Denim Download: The Best Jean Fits & Styles For Kids

Jeans have become a year-round necessity in every kids’ closet. And no matter how you choose to style their jeans, remember one thing – it all starts with the right fit.

We know what you’re thinking. There are SO many different jean fits and styles for kids where should I start? Well, you can start right here because we’ve pulled together this simple (but jean-ius…hahaha!) denim guide to help you figure out which pair of jeans suits your child’s style.

A Guide To Girls Denim


What is it: The ultimate skinny jean!

How it Fits: It’s a low-rise style, closely fitted through the hip and thigh and has a super skinny leg opening.

Additional Features: Inner adjustable waist tabs for a custom fit and allover stretch for comfort.

Style With: Her favorite flowy top and sparkly sneakers or ballet flats!


What is it: The Skinny fit is not quite as fitted as the Super Skinny (but it’s still a Skinny fit!).

How it Fits: It’s a low-rise style closely fitted through the hip and thigh. It has a slightly wider leg opening than the Super Skinny.

Additional Features: Inner adjustable waist tabs for a custom fit and allover stretch for comfort.

Style With: A great graphic tee… layer on a stylish denim jacket, cardigan or zip-up hoodie!


What is it: A classic that never goes out of style!

How it Fits: The Bootcut has a low rise and is fitted through the hip and thigh, but gradually gets wider from the knee down for a bootcut leg opening.

Additional Features: Inner adjustable waist tabs for a custom fit and allover stretch.

Style With: Just about anything! You can’t go wrong with a fitted top, her favorite boots or glittery slip-on sneakers.


What is it: The Jegging fit is super on-trend! It fits and feels like a legging, but it’s actually a jean.

How it Fits: It has a low rise, is fitted through the hip and thigh and has a fitted opening.

Additional Features: The waist is elasticized and the denim has allover stretch for comfort.

Style With: A colorful top and lots of accessories…choker necklaces, glittery bracelets and cat ear headbands!


What is it: Distressed denim is all about the fashionable details—from glitter patches, beaded embellishments, rips and more.

How it Fits: The fit is the same as the Super Skinny or Jegging.

Additional features: Hand-sanding for a lived-in look and a frayed hem.

Style With: A top and shoes that complement all of those fashionable extra touches!

A Guide To Boys Denim


What is it: The Skinny fit is made for your stylish dude…

How it Fits: It features a mid rise, a close fit through the hip and thigh and has a slim leg opening.

Additional Features: Inner adjustable waist tabs so he can customize the fit just for him.

Style With: A poplin button-down or a fun graphic tee. This fit can be dressed up or down!


What is it: The Straight fit is a classic!

How it Fits: It has a mid rise, a standard fit through the hip and thigh and a straight leg opening.

Additional features: Inner adjustable waist tabs for a custom fit.

Style With: Just about any top, a cool hat and his favorite hi-top sneakers.


What is it: The Bootcut fit is perfect for boys who like a bit more of a relaxed fit.

How it Fits: Bootcut jeans have a mid rise, a classic, standard fit through the hip and thigh and a bootcut leg opening.

Additional Features: Inner adjustable waist tabs for a custom fit.

Style With: A sweater or plaid button-down shirt and awesome boots (of course!).


What is it: The denim is made with spandex for the stretchiest denim EVER.

How it Fits: These jeans have the same fit as the Skinny or the Straight, but the added allover stretch makes them move wherever he does.

Additional Features: Inner adjustable waist tabs for a custom fit.

Style With: Anything he would wear with his skinny or straight jeans!

A Guide To Toddler Girls Denim


What is it: The Skinny fit for Toddler Girls is similar to the Big Girls style.

How it Fits: It has a low rise, is fitted through the hip and thigh with a skinny leg opening and allover stretch.

Additional Features: Pull-on EZ fit waist features, including a snap closure, no-zip fly, elasticized back waist and inner adjustable waist tabs.

Style With: A sweet, flowy top and sparkly slip-on sneakers!


What is it: Just like the Girls fit…Bootcut jeans are a classic.

How it Fits: The fit is the same as the Big Girls jeans, with a fitted hip and thigh that gets wider at the knee, a bootcut leg opening and allover stretch.

Additional Features: Toddler Girls styles have EZ Fit waist features.

Style With: Just about any top, tee or sweater…add on layers, like a denim jacket, for extra style!


What is it: Jeggings are a great option for toddlers—they’re comfy, stretchy and move with them!

How it Fits: Like the Girls Jeggings, the Toddler Girls Jeggings have a low rise, a fitted hip, thigh and leg opening.

Additional Features: Elasticized waist and allover stretch!

Style With: A graphic tee, a trendy, glittery headband and ballet flats.


What is it: Distressed jeans have fun and fashionable additions, like rips and bright colors.

How it Fits: The fit is similar to the Skinny and Jegging.

Additional Features: Elasticized waist and allover stretch.

Style With: A top, shoes and accessories that bring out all the distressed details!

A Guide To Toddler Boys Denim


What is it: It’s just like the Big Boys style!

How it Fits: Skinny jeans have a mid rise, a close fit through the hip and thigh and a slim leg opening.

Additional Features: An EZ Fit waist, including a snap closure, no-zip fly, elasticized back waist and inner adjustable waist tabs.

Style With: A stylish, printed button-down and sneakers to match!


What is it: A classic and a favorite!

How it Fits: The Straight fit for Toddler Boys has a mid rise, a classic, standard fit through the hip and thigh and a straight leg opening.

Additional Features: An EZ Fit waist, including a snap closure, no-zip fly, elasticized back waist and inner adjustable waist tabs.

Style With: A graphic top starring his favorite things (like dinos or sharks!).


What is it: Bootcut jeans are relaxed and made to move with your busy lil’ guy.

How it Fits: Just like the Big Boys!

Additional Features: An EZ fit waist with no-zip fly, elasticized back waist and inner adjustable waist tabs.

Style With: An oxford button-down shirt and boots!

No matter what jeans you dress your crew in, you can’t go wrong! Whether they wear a uniform to school or not, every kid needs a few good pairs of jeans in their wardrobe.

January 24, 2019
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How To Keep Kids Warm On The Go In Fleece

I don’t need a jacket, it’s too puffy, I’m just going to take it off when you’re not looking…

Moms have heard every excuse from their kids about not wanting to bundle up. Don’t worry, we have a solution! Fleece is a great way to add some warm and cozy style to their outfit.

You’ll love fleece because you know they won’t catch a cold on the chilliest winter days. Instead, they’ll be nice and warm! Kids love the soft feel and the fun colors, prints and graphics! Here are some fleece styles to stock-up their wardrobe with.

Fleece Jackets & Pullovers

Fleece jackets are key items for every kid during the winter. Our girls fleece jackets feature a hoodie and zip-up front. The baby and toddler girls fleece hoodies even have 3D ears at the top… its extra cozy. Boys (and girls!) will definitely need a fleece pullover. These styles have a mock neck and half-zip front, and come with fun graphic prints, like dinosaurs and leopard! These fleece pullovers are the perfect way to layer on the warmth. Pair one with their favorite graphic tee! Be sure to check out the boys graphic fleece pullover hoodies, too (they’re also great for layering!).

Fleece Pants

Fleece pants for girls and boys are another must-have to get them through the winter. Girls and boys fleece pants come in a variety of colors made to go with graphic tees, thermal tops, sweaters and more! Mom, definitely shop our fleece-lined tights for your little princess. With holiday celebrations around the corner, you’re going to want to dress her up in sparkly and festive dresses. Sometimes, the cold temperatures can make this worrisome. Fleece-lined tights are just the accessory she needs for every special wintertime occasion.

Sweet (& Cozy!) Dreams

Chilly nights call for warm pajamas and there’s nothing cozier than fleece PJ’s! Styles featuring everything from cats, unicorns and emojis will make bedtime extra fun. If you haven’t already, check out our holiday PJ’s. These styles are a great way to celebrate the season and they even come in styles for the whole family!

No matter how you choose to style your crew, they are sure to have some fun adventures (and catch some zzz’s!) while dressed in warm and cozy fleece!

December 11, 2018
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A Relative’s Guide to Gifting Clothes (Instead Of Toys!) This Christmas

Tis the season for giving but Christmas gifts for kids don’t always have to be the toys they’re asking for this year. Especially if you are a distant relative, friend or coworker who’s not privy to their wishlist for Santa! Here’s a little gift guide for giving clothes that’ll not only be holiday gifts that parents welcome but also appreciate and utilize (until their kid’s next growth spurt!).

For The New Kid In The Fam (Newborn)

A baby’s first Christmas is always exciting but they can only wear so many “My First Christmas” bodysuits… Gift something to make new parents’ lives easier! A good Christmas present idea could include a multipack of cute bodysuits, pants or even outfit sets that mix & match easily to help give them back some time throughout their day.

For The Kid That Loves Anything Cool Or Cuddly (2-4 Years Old)

Toddlers are in the stage of discovery (& obsession!) so styles with their favorite animals like dinosaurs, cats or bears will be the perfect Christmas gift. They’ll love that they can grow their collection of one critter or dabble in a couple of their favorites!

For The Kid That Loves To Run Around (5-9 Years Old)

Comfort over style is what most elementary school kids will want to wear every day. Luckily, athleisure has become such a closet staple that embellished track jackets or hoodies with comfy coordinating joggers will be an awesome outfit to gift!

For The Kid Discovering Their Personal Style (9-11 Years Old)

Gifting big kids can be intimidating because of their growing exploration with personal style. Instead of stressing about giving something cool, think about giving them something useful! Cold weather accessories are seasonal, always needed and come in a range of fashions that’ll (for the most part) be easy to gift & blend with a kid’s unique style. Make sure to add a gift receipt, just in case!

The Ultimate Gift Add-On

Once you’ve picked out Christmas presents for kids, just add the finishing touch: a gift card! They’re a perfect surprise and let kids pick out what they really want or need.

Congrats! You’ve made it to the end of the gift guide. Christmas shopping for kids who aren’t your own will be easy now that you’re armed with great, non-toy present ideas. Keep calm and gift on!

November 19, 2018
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Capturing Holiday Moments (And Style!) With Grandkids

The holidays are upon us, which means spending time with the grandkids! For so many grandparents, this time of year is what they look forward to the most. There’s nothing quite like seeing the anticipation on children’s faces as they wait for the big day to arrive or the excitement as they open up their presents.

Be sure to capture every moment so you can remember them for years to come! Try doing this by giving them the CUTEST holiday outfits (BONUS: great outfits = adorable pictures for your family photo album!) Consider surprising them with some of these festive looks this holiday season!

Baby’s First Holiday

The newest little gift in your life is ready for some holiday cheer (and probably a nap!). Your new grandbaby is only going to have their first holiday season once, so make it extra special by dressing baby in the ultimate outfit.

For girls, that means a festive jacquard dress. These styles include red and metallic options—perfect for Christmas. Since many of these dresses are sleeveless, don’t forget a coordinating cardigan to keep her warm. Be sure to accessorize her look with a matching headband and sweet little ballet flats.

For the new little man, outfits incorporating plaid button-downs and argyle sweaters are just so handsome! You can even try picking a sweater and button-down with coordinating colors or patterns to layer together. Pair either top with chinos—they’re comfy (and stylish!) enough to crawl in.

Holiday Dressy

The best part about holiday dressy styles at The Children’s Place is that there are matching outfits for toddlers and big kids! Just like the baby girl outfits, you can get your toddler and/or older granddaughters a jacquard dress full of holiday spirit. Then, add a personal touch with some super sparkly shoes so her style will shine with every step! And she’ll definitely need a purse to carry all the little gifts from her stocking. Then, consider finishing off her holiday outfit with necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry.

Your grandson will look dapper in colorful plaid and argyle sweaters…just like the new baby boy in the family! However, he can dress up his holiday outfit even more. Get him a coordinating tie and suspenders—he’ll feel (and look) extra special. Don’t forget to make sure he’s dressed from head to toe by getting him some shoes and socks. Dressy slip-on shoes are comfy and match just about anything. He can even wear socks to match his Christmas sweater!

Something For Everyone – Matching Family PJ’s

Keep holiday style all in the family with matching family pajamas! Consider giving your family a sweet Christmas Eve surprise by getting them the perfect comfy and cozy pajamas to celebrate in. The best part? There’s something for everyone to wear…including you! What better way to capture your holiday memories?

Rock around the Christmas tree in super warm (and fun!) fleece Christmas pajamas. Our one-piece sleepers come in sizes for kids and adults. These styles feature holiday designs from Christmas emojis to “Santa’s Squad”.

Try some matching family PJ’s that your crew can wear all year long! Styles that declare Mom the Queen, show that your granddaughter’s the Princess, or your grandson is the Best Kid Ever are always a win. Don’t forget to check out PJ’s starring some of the trendiest things in kids’ fashion…unicorns and dinosaurs!

Pro Tip: Have everyone gather around the perfect backdrop for the ultimate holiday photo opportunity!

No matter what you choose, you’ll be sure to create the best holiday memories (dressed up or down!). It’s all about spending time with your family, so why not do so with the best holiday style? Be sure to share your Christmas moments with #MyStylePLACE for the chance to be featured!

November 14, 2018
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Dressing For Snow Day Activities Is Snow Much Fun!

The weather outside is frightful…but make sure your kids feel warm and look cool as they play in the snow! Whether they’re having snowball fights, building a snowman, skiing or tubing, they will definitely need the perfect snow gear.

Check out some must-have snow clothes to stock up on for him and her!

Bundle Her Up

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of a snow day—it’s a whole day off from school, filled with winter activities! Get her wardrobe set with cold weather gear so that she’s ready for it!

Our Puffer Jackets are super warm and have a water-resistant coating. This stylish jacket comes in an array of colors, prints and finishes that you’ll both love. The 3-in-1 Jacket is another great winter option. The best part about this style is that it comes with three different ways to wear it, thanks to the removable interior glacier fleece liner. Snow Pants are another snow day essential. Our Girls Snow Pants are fully insulated for added warmth and have elasticized ‘No-Snow’ cuffs for the ultimate boot guard protection.

Gloves aren’t the only snow day accessory she needs! Snow boots, hats, scarves, and earmuffs are great ways to complete her outfit and keep her warm! Be sure to shop all of our cold weather accessories, especially our faux fur critter collection! These styles are super fun and cute, featuring everything from glitter cat ears, embroidered fox faces, or even a unicorn horn. Check out our pom-pom hats too, with sequin details and emoji patches! No matter what her style is, she’ll have fun and stay warm through all of her snow day adventures!

Keep Him Warm

Mom, you know that when the blizzards start coming, there is no way he is going to want to sit out on the fun! Like the girls, he definitely needs a warm outerwear. For boys, we have Puffers, 3-in-1 Jackets, and Hooded Parkas. These all come in trendy color and print options so he can stay warm and stylish. If you have an active little guy, our PrimaLoft Puffer Jacket is a must! This style is extremely lightweight so it can move with him through all of his activity. The best part is that it’s designed with warmer, drier and softer essentials insulation by PrimaLoft…it’s our warmest jacket ever!

Your cool little dude will definitely need cold-weather accessories to stay warm, too. Check out our selection of hats, gloves and scarves made just for him (and don’t forget must-have Boys Snow Pants!). We have styles featuring everything from classic stripes to fun emojis. If he’s a total techie, he’ll love our texting gloves—they come complete with a contrast thumb and index finger for easy and quick texting…without having to take his gloves off!

Cozy In PJ’s

The perfect end to any snow day is cozying up in the comfiest pajamas. After your crew comes inside (and hopefully doesn’t make too much of a mess!), dress them in their favorite PJ’s. You can even go a step further with matching family PJ’s…they make for great photos!

So gather your crew around a warm fire, make some hot chocolate, and get ready for a Winter full of the best snow days (and snow gear!) ever.

November 10, 2018
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Break a Leg (Not the Bank!): Outfit Ideas For Your Kids’ Holiday Concerts

Parents everywhere know that as the holidays approach, so do the annual “Holiday Concerts” at school. Most schools put on some type of holiday recital, typically involving the kids all standing on stage in the auditorium singing Christmas carols. And every year, the school tells you how to dress your kids for their concert (Spoiler: It’s usually in black and white).

Here are some concert outfit options that are certain to have them stealing the show.

Girls’ Standing Ovation Styles

When it comes to her holiday concert outfit, she has a few different options that won’t break the bank. A white long sleeve shirt is a great investment because she can wear it again and again. Pair this with a black skirt and ballet flats for a dressed-up look. A black skirt is great around this time of year because she can reuse it for all of her holiday celebrations. Don’t forget to complete her look with a pair of tights!

Black pants and boots are other staple styles that she can always wear, and they make for a great concert outfit. Make your life easier…she might already have this in her wardrobe! Complete her look with a trendy cold-shoulder top she’ll love in a light color.

You can never go wrong with the perfect holiday concert dress. Try a style with metallic or glitter details so she can sparkle on stage! She’ll be sure to shine in the spotlight. No matter what outfit you choose for her, try adding touches of rose gold and other metallic details to complement her white and black outfit. The perfect accessories, like shoes, jewelry and headbands, are sure to get the job done.

Boys’ Break-A-Leg Looks

Let’s be honest, Mom…boys usually dress similarly at these holiday concerts. It’s because a white oxford button-down shirt with black or navy chinos is a timeless outfit that never goes wrong. The best part is that he can get year-round use out of these styles since he can re-wear them separately with everything else in his closet. But don’t worry….there are ways to liven up his concert outfit.

Give his look a stylish twist…try substituting his plain white button-down for a light colored one with a stylish print. Or, instead of having him wear the usual dress shoes, add some fun with his favorite hi-top sneakers or slip-ons for a casual-dressy look.

Want to make his holiday concert outfit really stand out? Accessorize! Get him all dressed up with a coordinating tie or bowtie and suspenders set—he’ll look (and feel) extra special. No matter what you choose to dress him in, we know he’s going to knock your socks off (and the rest of the audience’s, too!).

So get ready to hear your kids sing their hearts out and look fantastic this holiday season.

November 8, 2018
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Holiday Style Help: How To Wash Flip Sequins & Faux Fur

The holidays are fast approaching and that means gifting and dressing the kids up in so many sequined & faux fur styles. Because who doesn’t love a fab embellished party look?! However, their extra special outfits also require extra special care and attention. Washing these kinds of styles in a normal washer & dryer is usually a party “Don’t” (with some exceptions), so read on to learn what it takes to keep their sequins shining and faux furs furry all holiday season long!

How To Wash Flip Sequins

Your kid’s flip sequin collection has grown faster than they have and now you have to take care of them, too! From holographic sequins to shiny metallic ones, here are tips on how to wash sequins…the little discs that keep them blingin’.

  1. First thing’s first. Got stains? Dab ’em with a spot treatment. Do not rub the stain! Repeat: DO NOT RUB. Rubbing ruins the fabric itself, plus enlarges the stain’s diameter. Instead, test a patch of fabric with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. If it doesn’t damage the style, dab the swab at the stain working from outside and moving inwards. Keep dabbing until the swab absorbs the stain. Change to a new swab before it’s fully saturated to avoid redistributing the stain.
  2. Hand-wash in a clean sink or big basin. And try not to wash extremely different colored items in case they’re dyed a certain way… You don’t want things to bleed on each other.
  3. Always wash the style inside out! Focus on cleaning the actual fabric because that’s what gets the most action (especially with kids always running around & sweating!).
  4. Wash in cold water. Hot or warm water will run the risk of melting or altering the sequins, making for a sad kid and an awkward-fitting flip sequin experience.
  5. Wash with mild or all-natural detergents. Regular formula detergents have certain chemicals that can tarnish embellishments and harm delicate fibers.
  6. Swirl the style (or gently knead it). Do it enough to get it soapy! Then flip the style back out.
  7. Clean the sequins with a gentle, once-over swipe. Then flip the sequins and do the other side of the graphic.
  8. Rinse thoroughly & squeeze out the water. Fold the style into 3 or 4 folds, being careful not to squish the sequins in a way that moves or misplaces them too much. Then, gently squeeze out the water. Do not wring it out.
  9. Drip dry first (to get excess water out), then lay flat to dry. Their fave flip sequin style should be good as new in a couple of hours!

How To Clean Faux Fur

Furry jackets, sweaters and scarves are always fun style statements but they’re also big on needing extra TLC (tender loving laundry care). Most times you can get away with throwing them in the washer & hang drying, but always be sure to read the care label before you do so! A few general rules to follow…

  1. Got stains on their fave faux fur style? Follow the first step up above!
  2. Remove any pocket items. This’ll avoid ruining the fur while tumbling in the wash.
  3. Follow the same flip sequin washing steps 3, 4 and 5.
  4. Choose a hand wash or low spin cycle. The fur fibers will stay better intact. If you’re worried about machine washing, feel free to follow the flip sequin hand washing techniques.
  5. After washing, roll up the style in a clean dry towel. Squeeze out excess water. Do this with the style inside out, and then with its faux fur side out.
  6. Shake the faux fur to get its fluff back. Then hang dry it!
  7. Separate the dry fur with a wide-toothed comb. Be gentle and don’t tug the tangles too hard.

Washing special bedazzled or textured styles with extra care can be a little cumbersome, but worth it when it comes to getting their holiday party outfits to last through the season! These techniques will also help preserve the styles when they become hand-me-downs. Be sure to follow these tips & tricks…they’ll get the best out of their sparklin’ faves!

November 3, 2018
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Matching Family Outfits: A Guide To Capturing The Best Holiday Style Ever

The holidays are upon us, which means…’tis the season for dressing up! Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas are celebrations that involve the whole family getting together. Bring your holiday style A-game by dressing your kids in matching and coordinating outfits!

Matching holiday outfits always add some extra fun to your festivities. Take it a step further and coordinate the outfits for all the kids in the family—not just yours! Try matching cousin styles, too, for an unforgettable photo opportunity. Another great benefit to dressing the kids in matching holiday outfits is that it gives you a goal when shopping for their annual Christmas dress or sweater. When you go into the store (in the midst of the holiday rush!) planning to coordinate all their looks, you’ll have a goal of what to shop for.

Now, get inspired! Check out some matching dressy and family Christmas pajama ideas below.


It’s all about the feast on this thankful day! If your family likes to have a formal dinner, make sure to keep their Thanksgiving outfits stylish and comfy. Velour knit dresses are a HUGE trend for this holiday season. Try dressing your girls in matching styles, but let them choose what accessories they want to wear – like tights, shoes, headbands or little pieces of jewelry. If you want to match your little guy to her, we recommend dressing him in a coordinating color. If her velvet dress is blue, try a blue oxford. Or, if you want to add some texture to his outfit, you can’t go wrong with a pair of corduroy pants for his Thanksgiving outfit.

Parenting-Pro Tip: Choose matching outfits that won’t stain. Your kids (like most!) will probably make a mess of themselves as they gobble down the turkey. Be sure to dress them in clothes that can be washed easily, and avoid super light colors.



Christmas Eve

You may have to dress them in formal attire for Christmas Eve dinner, but after the plates are cleared, bring out the family Christmas pajamas! Matching family Christmas pajamas bring so much fun to your celebration. Dress your kids (and all their cousins!) in holiday PJ’s, starring everything from Santa, to snowmen, to Christmas emojis, and more. Be sure to get a group picture of everyone in their Christmas outfits…it’s a memory you won’t want to forget!

The best part is that we have Christmas pajamas for the whole family, including the adults! You can join in on the holiday matching style by grabbing a pair for yourself, and even the other adults in the fam!

Christmas Day

After all the presents under the tree are opened, it’s time to get ’em dressed up. No matter what your plans for the day are, you can’t go wrong with styling them in pretty dresses and dapper tops. Try an oh-so-festive jacquard dress for your girls. These styles scream Christmas, and some have metallic and glitter finishes for an extra sparkly touch. For boys, oxford button-downs and cozy holiday sweaters paired with chinos are classic looks. Bring his holiday style up a notch by accessorizing him in a coordinating tie and suspenders set.

The best way to make sure your boys and girls match is by focusing on a specific color. And because it just so happens to be Christmas Day, red is perfect!

Don’t forget to share your kids’ holiday outfits with #mystylePLACE for a chance to be featured!

October 30, 2018
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Meet The Cold-Weather Crew: Keep Kids Warm With Winter Jackets & More

Raindrops! Snowflakes! Incoming snowballs & pummeling pellets of hail! The season is starting to change from fall to winter, and so are the elements that your kids are going to encounter. Which means…it’s time to team them up with Agent 3-In-1 and the Cold-Weather Crew (aka all our “snow-day approved” outdoor winter clothes for kids)!

Meet Agent 3-in-1

Our super heroic 3-in-1 jacket is the perfect kids winter jacket armed and ready to brave any element that comes its way! It has 2 protective layers with specially-designed features to help keep your kid covered. The first layer is a removable zip-up glacier fleece jacket. It’s comfy, anti-pilling and will stop at nothing to warm up your child and beat the winds to the punch when they blow. The water-resistant shell jacket is the outer layer that really saves the day when it comes to stopping the rain! Its water & wind resistant powers (plus sturdy storm flap!) are no match for the droplets to come. For tackling the extra-chilly snow, layer the shell & jacket together for a K.O. combo! Your kid will get twice the warmth & performance protection with its cozy fleece-lined hood & pockets, and the adjustable “no-snow” cuffs to keep out the snow.

Combine The Crew For Ultimate Protection

Complete your kids outerwear look with the rest of our Cold-Weather Crew: Captain Snowpant, Cadet Snowboot and their team of trusty Wonder Gloves. Each style coordinates perfectly with the 3-in-1 jacket colors …all while battling the cold. The fleece-lined gloves have sure-grip palms for making (& defeating) snowballs of all sizes. Plus, they’ll never lose each other thanks to the D-ring clips that keep ’em close together! Captain Snowpants is Agent 3-in-1’s main sidekick, sharing similar features like the fleece-lined upper leg and adjustable “no-snow” cuffs. Lastly, Cadet Snowboot’s faux Sherpa lining helps keep toes warm & cozy, but it also gets a kick out of stomping out snow with its heavy-duty treads.

Fighting the elements is easy with perfect winter outfits for kids! Just make it a priority to keep them warm & cozy by getting the whole outerwear crew together before the winter season is in full swing.

October 25, 2018
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